Website Design

My website design service aims to allow you to reach a wider audience. A website may be needed by

  • A small business to promote their products;
  • A club or society wanting to attract new members, and keep existing ones informed about activities;
  • An individual discussing an interest or writing a blog;
  • And many more…

Whatever your reason for wanting a website, I am able to work with you to design the website that you need.

Website Design Philosophy

I understand that everyones needs are different and this principle applies to website design. Therefore I will take the time to discuss your needs with you, and I will ensure that your website has the look and feel that you want. I am not a graphic designer, however I am able to work with other specialist designers and developers to ensure you end up with a website that does what you need and looks how you want it to. I get on well with other people, and you are welcome to select your own graphic designer if you wish.

Research has shown that you have very little time for your page to load before your visitor goes elsewhere. Because of this I will avoid using technologies that slow down your site. I will ensure that your site is available to people using a variety of browsers and connection speeds.

All my new websites are designed with a responsive frontend that allows them to be viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile devices. This is becoming increasingly important as more people are using mobile devices to browse the web.

I understand that circumstances change, and as such you are unlikely to want a static website. If you wish to have any changes made to your site I can arrange to make these for you. Alternatively I can give you tuition on how to make changes to your site, with easy to use on-line tools.

Further Information

Please contact me to find our how my website design service can help you reach a wider audience.

Website design - Plant hire website
Sample of my work – Plant hire website