Custom Software Development

If you would like an application, or custom software, developing I will discuss your requirements in detail since this is something that is likely to be unique to your business. I am able to provide you with a detailed software requirements document so you know that what I will develop is what you have asked for. I will also provide a fixed-price quotation for the development so you know exactly what the work described is going to cost. Once we have agreed on the requirements and price I will work to develop your software and give it to you for testing. Once you are happy with the functionality the system can go live.

I am able to work on making changes to existing software too. If your system has been written by another developer I may still be able to help with maintenance. Please contact me to find out if I am able to assist with your specific changes. Of course, I am able to provide maintenance for software that I have developed.

I have over 12 years experience developing custom software systems for my customers. Systems I have developed range from e-commerce websites to race timing software.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and to find out how I can work with you to develop the software you need.

Example Features

Custom software applications are likely to include one or more of the following features, depending on your needs. I have extensive experience developing software that uses these, and more.

  • Database systems to store user and system information;
  • Forms and user input checking;
  • Secure development to prevent hacking of applications;
  • File uploads and file management;
  • Data import and processing;
  • Content management systems;
  • System integration e.g. sending text messages;
  • Emailing and contact forms;
  • MailChimp integration for mailing lists;
  • PDF document generation;
  • Excel spreadsheet generation;
  • Other custom features depending on your requirements.

Further Information

If you would like to find out more about how I can help develop your custom software, please contact me.

Custom software development - Race timing application
Sample of my work – Race timing application