Snowdonia IT Services new website live

After a few weeks adding content and working on design, Snowdonia IT Services new website is live! This post explains how I got to this stage, and why I decided to use WordPress for my business website.

My First Website

I started developing websites in 1997 whilst working at GKN Westland Helicopters during my summer placement from Bangor University. During the evenings there was not a great deal to do, so I decided to write a website to help people find enjoyable walks in Snowdonia. My first website, Walking in Snowdonia, was launched that summer. I rewrote the site a few years ago because it was becoming quite dated. The update added features such as Google Maps and GPS downloads, as well as a hill recognition quiz. I also made the site mobile friendly. This is essential with the number of people browsing the web on their mobile phones. The site is still live, and gets approximately 300 visitors each day. The majority find the site through use of Google. Walking in Snowdonia is probably due for another refresh in the not too distant future.

Why WordPress?

It can take a long time to update sites written using hand-coded HTML. As always seems to be the way, it is rare that I get time to work on my own website. I originally wrote my business website in 2004 and it was due for an overhaul. I am currently trying to get more business, and I need people to find out about Snowdonia IT Services. Whilst I could simply have written a new site from scratch, I felt using WordPress would be more efficient.

Cheshire Military Museum
The Cheshire Military Museum website

Last year the Cheshire Military Museum asked me to re-develop their website to add an on-line shop and make it easy for them to add content. They had a limited budget, and also required a mobile friendly site. After considering the options I decided WordPress would provide a cost-effective solution for the client. It was my first experience of developing a WordPress site, but it was surprisingly easy to do. I wrote some of my own simple plugins, enabling prices and opening times to be included in coloured boxes.

Based on this experience it made sense to use WordPress for my own business website. I wanted to get a good clean layout which I could easily add content to. I also wanted to be able to experiment with different layouts. It would have taken a long time to do this using hand-written HTML, so a content management system was the obvious approach.

I have not needed to write any custom code or plugins for my own business website. I’ve included a portfolio of work which allows you to see some projects I have worked on. I expect to work on more WordPress sites in the future, however there are still times when a custom application or website is the best way forwards. Custom software development is still what I enjoy doing most.

Further Information

If you’d like to find out more about what I can do to help with your website or software development needs please contact me.